Delhi HC permits duty-free import of ‘black fungus’ drug till Centre decides on waiver: Black Fungus

On Thursday, the Delhi High Court authorized duty-free import of Amphotericin B, a medicine used to treat black fungus patients — typically those infected after recovering from Covid-19 — on the condition that importers post a bond till the Centre makes a final judgement on abolishing the customs charge on it.

The demand and supply gap for the drug is expanding by the hour, according to the high court, and the central government must act on a “war footing” to close it. The treatment is needed to save the lives of thousands of individuals suffering from Mucormycosis, and the federal government will seriously consider waiving customs duties until the drug is no longer available in India, according to the statement.

The ruling was made in response to a petition submitted by advocate Iqra Khalid, whose grandpa needed the medicine to cure a fungal infection. The High Court was investigating a possible mechanism for procuring Amphotericin-B to treat persons infected with black fungus due to a scarcity.

For the time being, the importer must provide a bond to the authorities, guaranteeing that he or she will pay the charges if the Central government does not waive them, as per the Court.

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