Salman Khan files Defamation case against Kamaal Khan

Salman Khan has filed a defamation suit against actor Kamaal R Khan, often known as KRK, in a Mumbai court. The Big Boss contestant rushed to Twitter shortly after the news emerged, claiming that Salman Khan had filed a lawsuit against him over his recent assessment of Radhe.

Advocate Pradeep Gandhy, who was briefed by DSK Legal’s Managing Partner Anand Desai, Partner Chandrima Mitra, and Associate Partner Parag Khandhar, represented Khan and his business enterprise.

Salman Khan’s team of lawyers has released a statement claiming that the lawsuit is unrelated to the film review. The claim was brought because KRK “has been posting and promoting defamatory assertions, such that Salman is corrupted, that he and his brand Being Human are engaged in fraud, manipulation, and money laundering operations, that he and Salman Khan Films are dacoits, and should be booked for offence under Indian Penal Code’s Section 420” according to the statement.

“The defendant has been circulating malicious lies and defaming Salman for several months, plainly so as to achieve attention to himself,” the statement continued. KRK’s counsel Manoj Gadkari stated in court that until the next date, Kamaal R. Khan will not make any defamatory statements against plaintiff on social media. The Court has been delighted to issue an order based on this statement.

Such baseless charges, according to Salman Khan, would ruin his brand’s generosity, reputation, and image, which he has created over years of hard work and determination.

Session Extensions Judge RM Sadrani took down Gadkari’s remarks and set a hearing date on June 7, 2021.

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