Assam BJP Leader demands beef ban for zoo animals, protests outside zoo in Guwahati

Satya Ranjan Borah, a Bharatiya Janata Party leader in a new demand has asked to put a stop on the practice of feeding beef to the zoo animals and a ban on cow slaughter. He stated that the zoo has been keeping the Sambar deer males separated in order to control their growing population and that instead the Sambar deer population can be used to feed the big cats and thus give rise to self-sufficiency through a natural process. He went on to say that if the Assam government and the zoo officials do not stop supplying beef to the carnivores, they will have to “face the consequences”.

Some people from right-wing organisations held a protest in Guwahati, outside the Assam State Zoo and demanded putting an end to feeding beef to the tigers, lions, leopards, etc. The protestors even blocked the gates and tried to stop vehicles carrying beef for the animals from entering the zoo premises. The zoo authorities then asked the activists to take their demands to the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) with whom the decision lies on what food needs to be fed to the animals. 

Assam Forest Minister Parimal Suklabaidya said that the wildlife population needs to be healthy and their dietary needs have to be taken care of, highlighting that the animals cannot survive on mutton or pork alone. The Minister added that serving buffalo meat instead of beef is not an option for the state as Assam does not have as many buffaloes. He stated that the state floats tenders to obtain beef, buffalo meat, pork and mutton. Suklabaidya said, “I have spoken with a few scientists on the possibility and consequences of providing the animals, meat other than beef. No use of creating an uproar over the issue.”

Human Rights

NHRC : 32,876 Human rights’ violation complaints registered from April to September in 2020

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Chairperson Justice (retd) H L Dattu in a statement released on the 27th anniversary of its foundation said that this year has been very tough for humanity globally due to COVID-19 and that the NHRC had registered 32,876 complaints during a period of 6 months i.e. from April to September when the country staggered under the impact of the pandemic.

“We have been trying to cope with the related challenges in line with the spirit of COVID warriors to face the adversity despite the fact that some of NHRC employees were also impacted by the pandemic,” Dattu said. Sharing the details of the complaints registered, the Chairperson said that from October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020, the Commission registered 73,729 complaints out of which 32,876 came during April 1 – September 30, 2020 including 29 suo moto cases of human rights violation taken up by the rights panel.

The Supreme Court allowed NHRC intervention in its suo moto petition on the issues of migrant labourers, the statement said.

Dattu said, “This year, the pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges at every front of life due to which we are not organizing a formal function to mark the occasion”. However, he said that his hope and prayer is for the situation to improve and to celebrate it along with International Human Rights Day on the 10th of December.