When “Varun Met Meera” Book Review

A romance novel that isn’t just a bunch of pretty words with zero depth is hard to come by these days, especially from a young and upcoming writer. I have been so honored as to have read Ashwath Sezhian’s first romance novel, “When Varun Met Meera,” before it’s official release and it was one sob fest of an experience –  the satisfying kind.

Book If you are looking to relive the moments of your college life or in need of a good cry or just generally want to be swept off into a world of intense emotions, this is the book for you.

When Varun Met Meera is a Romance one can only imagine in movies and Nicholas Sparks’ novels. The fact that these characters are based on real people, makes the book all the more appealing and the story all the more heart-warming.

What makes for the icing on the cake, is the author’s choice of words and engrossing story telling ability. The remarkable descriptions of places, obliterate the line between you and the book and you’re suddenly in the story. The most touching aspect of it however, would be the way he describes the characters’ emotions and thoughts. Like when Varun notices Meera’s bindi or when Meera closes her eyes and relives his smile at the beach. Little things like that make you see and feel things that you probably weren’t prepared for. Right from the first page, you are in for a roller-coaster ride of emotions.

The words are simple, language is straight so, you don’t have to repeat a line twice which enriches the reading experience. You just flow with the story, like you’re there. You relive your college trips to goa; you feel the pressure of finals as they feel it, you smile as nostalgia grips you while they have their cliched, teenage fights. You grow with Varun and Meera.

Other than the romance, every other relationship described in the book, has the potential to make the reader ache for a relationship like that, friendship being one. I went through my college all over again with trips, apartment shifting and moments spent in that one apartment, filled with love and friendship.

Family too, plays a big part in the story. The relationship, the love, the sacrifice that a family shares are so beautifully brought out, that you might just want to get up and hug your sister or mother or father in the middle of reading.

In all the chaos, the book is filled with sweet, momentary, blissful moments and that’s all we need sometimes.

The end is something you can’t pull your eyes away from. The way the author had scattered bits and pieces of information in between paragraphs, throughout the book, were enough to make the readers thirsty to reach the end and then when it all ties together at the end, it’s tragically satisfying. Unlike life, in this story you get an almost cathartic closure.

It is funny, gripping, heart-breaking, devastatingly beautiful all at the same time. Oh, and you can get quotes off of this book to last you a lifetime. *wink wink

It is the kind of story that is so brilliantly written, so incredible that you don’t even expect to find in reality.