Ananya Endow

Ananya is a graduate in English literature and holds a PGD in Journalism. She is an enthusiast of anything environment friendly and aspires to educate people on this subject and help bring about good changes collectively. She stepped into journalism to make it a strong platform for her to help the ones in need and move forward with people from all walks of life. Learning something each day, she strives to be “a rational creature, speaking the truth from her heart.” She loves reading and telling stories and aspires to tell as many as possible in the short span of life. In hopes that in the end, her life is a story one reaches for when seeking comfort and inspiration, she writes.

Mohini Singh

Mohini is a fourth year B.A. L.LB.(Hons.) student at NMIMS School of Law, Mumbai. Her interests primarily lie in reading and writing articles on constitutional law, criminal law, human rights, forensic science, free speech and expression. Her magnanimous personality and positive approach are what make her stand out in a crowd. Her perseverance, hard work and dedication towards this website are what makes for a great team member. She firmly believes in expanding her horizon of thought in any situation and putting careful yet extravagant efforts to everything she is a part of. She is always keen on learning new things and contributing in the legal field.