Dengue could become the protective shield against Covid-19

Dengue Virus could enable certain antibodies within the human immune system which could act as a protective barrier against COVID -19. This has been stated on the basis of a research conducted in various states of Brazil like Rio Grande Do Sul and Minas Gerais where there was a large outbreak of dengue disease last year.

The antibodies produced by the immune system after contracting dengue could aid in the fight against corona virus. Areas with high dengue infections reported lowers cases of Covid-19 in Brazil based on testing and research by Miguel Nicolelis who is a professor at Duke university.

Nicolelis states that the reaction caused by the interaction between the Flavivirus serotypes and SARS-CoV-2 is a very rare sight as both the viruses are extremely different. But, further research has to be done in order to prove the theory correct which would also enable the use of a dengue vaccine to improve the immunity and produce the required antibodies to amplify our fight against Covid-19.