Have beauty products crossed narrow boundaries?

From startups to internationally acclaimed brands, Beauty products have changed the beauty industry completely, be it skin care or cosmetics there is a solution for each and every problem. As Wordsworth rightly said ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. Beauty brands have finally welcomed the big change we have been waiting for, though we have been seeing minor changes here and there but a major change has happened in the beauty industry which has created a revolution and has broken many water tight compartment by not only imparting the notion of feminism in there marketing strategies but also has brought about many other changes which have been ice breakers in this monotonous world.

As beauty brands become more diverse people have fallen in love with them, beauty brands like Maybelline, Loreal Paris, MAC or even the emerging beauty brands which are still small business have made people feel good about their own skin. The inclusivity seen on social media platforms and websites has become not only an attraction but it is the result of years of revolts and call outs. Today when we shop online or in a store there are a number of foundation shades available which reflect a spectrum of skin tones and take into consideration the beautiful colors which represent human skin.

Not only women but men as well will now be able to choose from a number of products which cater to their skin needs. Thousands of videos of men contouring their faces have flooded IG feeds and they have been all supported with a huge amount of appreciation and positive feedback. Indian Comedian and Entertainer Ankush Bahuguna’s Beauty page on Instagram is the latest talk of the town, he is garnering a strong hold and has become the new face of inclusivity in the beauty world, he is leading millions of men and by doing his own bit he is bringing about the much needed change to the notion that beauty products are not only for women. Men are free to have access over skin care and beauty products just like women. Beauty brands today are equally giving attention to the LGBTQ community as well

The ‘NO FILTER’ slogan has taken over social media recently, beauty brands and their own founder are advocating for no filter photos. The main aim behind this is to post pictures without editing or adding filters to any photo on their respective social media sites and pages, this is a way to cater an acceptance towards our own natural skin and to embrace those flaws with pride.

LIVE TINTED by Deepika Mutyala is one of the first ever beauty and skin care brands which is culturally inclusive and embraces diversity, her products have created a roar, be it the hue stick or her LIVE TINTED Unity Balm Gloss-the name itself says it, her products complement all skin colors and that is one of the biggest reasons behind the emergence of her brand, Deepika has become an international ambassador promoting inclusivity and appreciating the cultural differences through her unique products.Hair care brands like Dove, Loreal, Streax and Pantene have come up with hair care products suitable for different kinds of hair types- be it curly, dry, wavy or even damaged.

Finally, we have been able to witness some drastic change and it’s all because of our voices, as we spoke up against the wrong and counter it we witnessed a change which defines the real “us” today. Such milestones can totally change a person’s confidence and has become a stepping stone towards creating the right kind of change.