The bizarre reason behind India’s low rate of Covid-19 Cases

Since the birth of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have been forced to change our lifestyles, implement rigorous cleaning habits which has turning almost everyone into hygiene freaks.
Covid-19 has boosted the sales of sanitizers, face masks and other cleaning products over the last few months. But there is another factor which is protecting us with its hidden shield even though it’s one of the most prominent issues which most Indian cities face today.
We have been told to stay clean and wash away the dirt and dust from time to time. Disgust covers our face when we see the filth in the nooks and alleys of our congested towns and we frown at the living conditions which the poor are forced to live in, but somehow the conditions that we Indians are so used to living in and around might be the reason for the decline in the number of cases, thus putting old theories in this fight against coronavirus to shame.
India’s poor hygiene is the reason behind the country holding the least number of cases in the world. At first, it sounds extremely bizarre but when thought about, this bizarre theory has proven to be an outstanding discovery. Scientists and researchers state that most Indians have a naturally trained immune system to fight this deadly disease. In comparison to people of other nations, people living in third world countries especially Indians, have an immune system that is capable of fighting off the virus. Developing nations are a step ahead in the race to overcome coronavirus as poor sanitation and bad hygiene has elevated our control over Covid-19.
Most Indians living in slums or rural areas are prone to numerous viruses which help in strengthening the immune system which is one of the major factors contributing to the low number of cases is poor sanitation systems. They have even brine used to the polluted air which is released by surrounding industrial areas.Around 40% of the households in India don’t have access to clean water and washing hands with soap regularly are impossible or unheard of. As our bodies become use to our polluted surroundings we are less likely to be infected by viruses.
The Counsel of Scientific Research (CSIR) in India states that most Indians are living in hostile and unsafe environments which hold millions of pathogens and viruses that can give birth to communicable diseases and horrifying infections which although dangerous, has helped in building up strong immunity levels in Indians. They also stated that a low presence of certain viruses and pathogens is due to better hygiene standards and this is linked to a higher rate of low immunity.
First World countries like the USA and UK are known for their cleaner and healthier environment but this is considered to be a drawback as one’s body is hardly exposed to any bacteria or viruses and hence is not trained to fight off diseases which makes the people more prone to various illnesses, especially Covid-19.This is the reason behind children being able to fight against coronavirus as they have immune systems that are smarter and more active and hence work cleverly to protect their body.

Most developed nations face an “immune hypothesis” or a sudden increase in autoimmune troubles which not only makes them more prone to communicable diseases but also more prone to allergies. While developing nations continue to fight the age-old battle against poor sanitation and clean water, developed nations are trying to overcome the problems caused by a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and smoking.
Even though staying clean and practising good hygiene is the key to keep the virus at bay, poor sanitation has also aided in strengthening the immune systems which has greatly contributed to the low rate of coronavirus infections in India.

In India the vaccine won’t be available to all before 2021,and even though some countries like Russia have already vaccinated a majority of its citizens,still it has not brought in any drastic change in the number of cases,rather it has had many side effects like fever,cough and headache which is somewhat similar to the Covid-19 symptoms. And scientists state that the vaccine won’t have a long lasting effect as the virus keeps on mutating to a great extent. Covid-19 has truly changed our lives along with our lifestyles and has definitely become the ‘new normal’.