Digitization: Changed the World!

Microsoft teams, Zoom , Skype, Webex, slack Google Meet and what not, have helped us in numerous ways. Online classes, office meetings and assignments, these applications have truly been a game changer, they have allowed us to work within the comfort of our homes. Unlike the 1918 spanish flu where one can say life was simple and there was hardly any notion of advancement in technology.

Apparently one can say the world did not come to a standstill and kept on moving and this was all possible due to the digital infrastructure and the digitization of world economy. Overseas communication was made easy.

Locked up in our houses without the gizmos and gadgets we would have all been either reading books or would have tried to entertain ourselves within the four walls by being dependent on many other activities. But how long would we have been able to sustain ourselves would be the biggest question.

Digitization is just a small word but it has completely changed our lives, today it has let us work in a smart and an efficient manner. India has already entered the 3g arena. Most of us were elated when it came to working or studying from home as it helped us save on time, in that spare time we were able to brush up our knowledge and pursue courses of our own interest. A woman in Kerala completed around 350 online courses within a pan three months and this was all was possible because of digitization.

Be it food or groceries, we were able to order anything and everything. Even though India is a developing country but unlike other third world countries India is stated to have better digital infrastructure which had enabled smooth functioning in all spheres of the society.

Even though 2020 was one of the most disastrous years, but it allowed us to explore and was the year of many great discoveries as well. We truly are grateful as this digital world did not stop our hustle.