Largest reduction of Malaria cases recorded in India

India records the largest reduction of Malaria Cases; this is not only a beneficial gain for India but also for the South Asian Medical Industry. According to the World Health Organization, South-East Asia, in the year 2000 had a total of twenty million malaria cases and it has reduced down to 5.6 million as of last year (2019).
Countries in South East Asia particularly made strong progress and reported a great decline in the numbers of deaths as well, around 74% of the reduction was seen in the number of deaths while the number of positive malaria cases reduced by 73%. According to WHO India had a great contribution in the drastic decrease of cases. WHO stated that the South East Asian region contributed about 3% to the global malaria cases.
The WHO is contacting countries and health partners to amplify their fight against Malaria which is a preventable and treatable disease, especially the developing countries. Better interventions, updated plans and global funds can help the targeted countries step up their fight against Malaria. These steps need to be implemented in countries which are greatly lagging like South Africa which has gaps that need to be filled in but the fight against Covid-19 has slowed down progress. According to old reports, South Africa adds around 90% of the burden to the global number of Malaria cases. But, with time and implementation of the right methods things can be brought back on track soon.