Dr.Reddy’s tie up with RDIF for Sputnik V

Russia’s Sputnik might just turn out to be India’s saviour from Covid-19. Dr.Reddy’s labs based in Hyderabad announced the Sputnik V vaccination human trials in India by signing an agreement with RDIF. Russia states that the two human adenovirus vectors rAd5  and rAd26 are the inactivated components of the two-dose human vaccine, this is the two step solution to activate T-cells within the immune system which will countervail the affected cells. The use of two vectors makes the vaccine stand out in comparison to other adenovirus-based approaches. But this comes with its own set of challenges as a stronger response to it may cause severe side effects and pre-existing immunity within the human body can alter the response of the vaccine. Reports state that even before conducting Phase 1 and 2 trials in Russia the vaccine has been approved by Russia’s health agency which can become a hazard in the process. Yet, Dr.Reddy’s laboratories have not given out any official notice from their side on the vaccine trial process in India.