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Bomb Blast near Israel’s Embassy during 29th anniversary of India -Israel ties

A small bomb went off near the Israeli Embassy around 5:00 pm. The Embassy is located in the APJ Abdul Kalam Road, a high-security area in the national capital. The IED (Improvised Explosive Device) blast took place a few moments after the Beating Retreat Ceremony, where Prime Minister and the president were present.

The embassy official has said that the blast is being treated as a terrorist activity by India and Israel. The Indian officials are conducting a probe to investigate the incident. An envelope with a note attached was found near the Embassy, suggesting an Iranian link. This lead Delhi Police Special cell to question a few Iranian nationals regarding the matter. NSG team from NBDC (National Bomb Data Centre) was formed and sent to analyze the post-blast situation. The reports will be shared with Delhi Police Cell to understand the situation better.

A ‘very low-intensity improvised device caused the blast,’ says Delhi Police. The device was placed 150 metres away from the Embassy, planted in a flower pot near Jindal house outside the Israeli Embassy, and could only damage three nearby window panes of a car. Luckily, there were no casualties. A case has been registered with the special cell of Delhi Police.

A forensic team was sent near the site, and it found the presence of ammonium nitrate in the explosion. This was the reason that the intensity of the blast was low and the damage was minimal.

CCTV footage, which was collected as evidence, found that two individuals in a car were suspiciously roaming around the area, few moments before the blast.

In 2012, a similar blast took place near the Embassy, which injured an Israeli diplomat’s wife with her driver and two other people. At that time, the bomb was placed in the vehicle.

S.Jaishankar, Union Minister of External Affairs Minister, has assured full protection to the Israeli Embassy and the diplomats. Security has been tightened, and an alert has been issued to all airports, vital installations, and government buildings around the country. CISF has been alerted, and CISF personnel has been allotted near civil airports, nuclear and aerospace facility, Delhi Metro, and central government buildings.

Ron Mallaka, Israel’s ambassador to India, said he was not surprised at the event. The security around the Embassy has since been ramped up. The ongoing Investigations will look at all the possible angles which lead to this. Any recent attacks on Israel worldwide and the previous 2012 blast on the Israel embassy will be examined. The explosion seems to be an effect of the conflict in the West Asia region.

Because of these blasts, the security in some touristic destinations of Himachal Pradesh has been increased, where many Israeli tourists visit the place.

The blast came at a time when India and Israel completed 29 years of diplomatic relations. India-Israel ties were first established on 29 January 1992. This 29th January marked the completion of collaborative and successful 29 years of relations between India and Israel.