Covid 19 performance Index new

India Ranks 86th out of the 98 Countries in a Covid -19 performance index published by Lowy Institute

A COVID-19 performance index by Australia-based Lowy Institute used data available publicly of 98 countries to assess each country’s response against Covid-19.  While India ranked 86th in its coronavirus performance index, New Zealand, Vietnam and Taiwan bagged the top three spots. The bottom five countries in the study were Brazil (with the lowest score), followed by Colombia, Iran, and the United States of America. China was excluded from the Index due to the lack of publicly available data.

The top 10 countries also included Thailand, Cyprus, Rwanda, Iceland, Australia, Latvia, and Sri Lanka, where cases and deaths related to Covid-19 were fewer than other countries.

The countries were broadly categorized based on their economic development, population size, region, and political systems. According to the study, democracies had “marginally” more success in controlling the disease’s spread than countries with other political systems. Countries with a “hybrid” political system like Ukraine and Bolivia had the most challenging time trying to decrease the pandemic’s effect. The economic development did not have much of an impact on a country’s ability to contain the spread of Covid-19. The report further added that small countries with a population of less than 10 million outperformed countries with a larger population through the pandemic but for the end of the period during which the study was conducted (till 9th Jan) The Print. The Index also shows that countries in the Asia-Pacific were more successful in containing the pandemic. At the same time, Europe and the USA were “quickly overwhelmed” by the rapid spread of the disease, as Reuters has pointed out.

The data used by the study included daily figures of confirmed cases, confirmed deaths, and tests conducted by each country independently and in proportion to its population. An average was calculated based on these figures, and each nation received a score between 0 (worst performing) to 100 (best performing). New Zealand received the highest score of 94.4, while Brazil received the lowest score of 4.3. India received a score of 24.3, as indicated by The Print.