NASA, to grant $14.1 million to NOKIA for setting up 4g network on the moon

NASA is set to colonise the moon. The organisation has set aside an amount of $370 million in a deal with 14 companies, which will provide ‘Tipping Point’ technologies for Artemis Mission. These technologies will provide methods of generating resources for human sustenance on the moon i.e.-oxygen and energy resources. The technology will also provide robotics in order to facilitate it.

Under this deal, NASA has given NOKIA a grant of $14.1 million for building a 4g network on the moon by 2022 which will eventually evolve into 5g network in the future. This technology will help in the control of lunar rovers, real-time navigation of moon’s surface, streaming of HD videos etc.

It has been recently claimed by NOKIA Bell Labs, a research and scientific unit of NOKIA, that ‘LTE network can withstand extreme temperature, radiation, vacuum in space and vibrational impact during the launch and landing on the lunar surface’.

Space habitation seems more like a reality than ever with evolving technology and greater interest in space exploration.