Pavers of Development are victims of disparities!


They provide us with the most essential services which are stepping stones when it comes to the holistic development of any country, yet are greatly ill-treated and underpaid. Teachers, frontline health workers and nurses are still facing disparities even today. When asked Teachers stated that “their work makes the world a better place, they are highly driven by the curiousity they see in class yet are paid very less in comparison to the efforts they put in.”


They put in the most efforts and give their best yet are greatly undermined. Nurses, health workers and teachers are taken for granted. For example Anganwadi workers who are an essential part of the education system in rural areas specially have multiple jobs to perform, not only do they teach the students of primary sections but they also have to counsel students on nutrition and health and have to administer various activities in government schools yet most of are paid around Rs.5,000 to Rs.7,000 a month which shows a great disparity in income payment. Today the profession of teaching is hardly encouraged amongst students, it is not considered to be one of the attractive carrier options among youngsters and one of the reasons behind this are the drawback they face even in today’s time. Many areas of the education and nursing industry are still lagging behind and need to be updated.

The other reason behind this is the income disparity as well as the fact that teaching is a carrier which is still undermined by many even though it holds a great value. India currently has around 60 lakh schools but the teacher- student ratio in these schools is a mess.The question of the hour is how many students look forward to teaching as a carrier option and growing in that field?

Teachers are not only underpaid but have other multiple roles to perform along with teaching the students. If this trend continues it will hamper the overall growth and development of the economy. These days teaching has been degraded down to being the last carrier option for many students instead it should be encouraged as one the best carrier options. Many teachers lack training and are not provided proper facilities which is also one of the reasons behind the low number of youngsters opting for teaching as a carrier.

Today many states in India are facing an issue, there is a greater need for Math and Science teachers. Due to a dip in the number of these subject teachers many schools are facing a problem as the workload increases on the pre-existing teachers. Most teaching staff and lab technicians in schools are forced to do other administrative work which also can hinder their interest in continuing the same carrier.

Even though many organisation have come together and have tried to raise their voices on social media still a lacuna is definitely seen. Many organisations support the notion of declaring teaching as the national profession of India, the main reason behind this is to garner attention towards that field.

Health workers are also facing some jarring issues, they are not only paid less but also have to work in a bad environment where they are not provided the required facilities and equipments. According to an analysis (2017) based on statistical data India is short of nearly two milion nurses. Many nurses and health workers are not provided with proper mentoring and hence feel unmotivated to work in the health care sector. Many of them also find the environment they work in to be  lacking certain qualities, many have pointed out the fact that they are taken for granted and at times have had to ignore their personal life in order to meet the demands at work.

Many rural hospitals lacking doctors have health workers and nurses playing the role of an ENT physician or a general physician which can lead to unimaginable consequences as they lack the knowledge and the training required for diagnosis. Such loopholes in the system need to be mended. Besides there prescribed work they are also given many other tasks which they have not been trained for. In the present scenario, currently India is lacking behind as there due to the insufficient number of doctors and nurses. Covid-19 health workers are definitely the true heroes.

Teachers, nurses and health workers form the backbone of the education system and health care system respectively. And on many occasion voices have been spread across the nation in favour of there discrepancies.