The Court blocks Trump Administration ban on new downloads of the Tik Tok App

A Court in the United States stayed the ban imposed by President Trump on the video sharing app, Tik-Tok.

The Washington District Judge Carl Nichols passed an order of temporary injunction freezing the executive order passed by the White House. Trump had stated security concerns for issuing an executive order which banned Tik Tok and WeChat apps from app stores.

Even before the ban had come into effect, the court had passed the order that Tik Tok had not been given sufficient opportunity to defend itself and thus the action was against the principles of natural justice.

The Trump administration demanded a prohibition on new downloads of the Tik Tok app from September 28 midnight but it allowed the users to use Tik Tok until November 12, after which all usage would be blocked.

However, the court declined Tik Tok’s request to suspend the ban scheduled to take place on November 12th. The US government claimed  that Tik Tok is a threat to national security on the ground that its Chinese parent firm has a connection with the Beijing government.

The advocate appearing on behalf of Tik Tok, John Hall, argued that the ban was “punitive” and in “violation of free speech,” reported Agence France-Presse.

In the month of June, the Government of India had blocked TikTok and 58 other apps with Chinese links stating it as a threat to national security and data privacy of the citizens.