Fine imposed on person seen spitting on camera during virtual hearing: Gujarat HC

A person who was spotted “spitting” on camera during a virtual case hearing in the Gujarat High Court as of late welcomed the anger of the Presiding Judge, Justice AS Supheia.

Making no effort to cloak his dissatisfaction, the Judge commented:  “the accused No.1, who is present before this Court through video conferencing, seems spitting openly. This Court is not inclined to take up the matter today looking to the conduct of the applicant-accused No. 1.” Said Justice AS Supheia. The person has been asked to deposit Rs. 500 as fine, following which the Court won’t further consider his case.

This isn’t the first of such action’s being caught on camera during the virtual hearings that have become the standard after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Judge Supheia himself recently frowned upon the conduct of an Advocate, who showed up under the watchful eye of the virtual court while sitting in a car and smoking a cigarette. The Judge had commented, at that point, “This Court seriously deprecates such conduct of the advocate Mr. J.V. Ajmera. It was not expected from an advocate to be smoking in the car during the Court proceedings. Such behaviour of the advocate is required to be strictly condemned.”

The Bench had additionally stressed the need to keep up a base decorum during Court proceedings. A few of months before to this, an advocate showed up in Court in a vest and was forced to bear the Rajasthan High Court’s condemnation.

In a video that became famous online via social media, Senior Advocate Rajeev Dhawan was seen taking puffs of a hookah during the politically-charged Sachin Pilot hearings that took place before the Rajasthan High Court. These occurrences have not been restricted to the High Courts, the Supreme Court as of late acknowledged the apology of an individual who was wearing a t-shirt during the virtual procedures. Simply a month ago, the Supreme Court criticized a lawyer who was seen chewing gutka during the virtual hearing.

The adjourned matter at the Gujarat High Court is required to proceed on October 7th, 2020.