Increase in Bad loans write-off in BJP’s term

BJP led NDA government has written off around 8 lakhs to be bad loans. It is much higher than the previous Congress-led UPA government 10-year rule where the number of bad loans was around 2,20,328 and in BJP’s term, the amount of bad loans has almost tripled. The exact estimate of bad loans is estimated to be around 7,94,354 crores between 2015-2019.

Bad loans are created when the debtors do not have enough assets to pay back the loans they have taken from the banks, so it becomes a liability on the part of the banks which they are forced to write off to create a balance.

The RTI query which revealed this info was filed by Prafful Sarda, a Pune based businessman. This write-off has affected two dozen public sector banks, 3 dozen private sector banks and almost 4 dozen foreign banks. The most shocking is the number of bad loans with the foreign banks, which have increased by a large margin over any of the previous governments.

The opposition party Congress has demanded public declaration of borrowers whose loans have been written off by the central government. They want the names of all such debtors whose loans have been waived off in the party’s regime. They have questioned the government why such loan defaulters’ bad loans are being waived off while there is no relief for farmers’ loans. Congress has accused BJP of helping their industrialist and capitalist friends by waiving their bad loans.

Earlier, in 2016 – Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal has also said that the demonetization move carried out by Modi government is a way to waive off bad loans of his corporate alliances.

The high amount of bad loans are also the result of debtors and loan defaulter who flee the country when they are not able to pay back. They include the likes of Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi and many other big corporate houses.

Although there is a recovery of 82,571, almost 12% of the total bad loans, but the amount of bad loan write-offs is still shocking to the general public.

The only solution to curb the growth of such bad loans is auditing each party’s cash flow and donations. It will give the parties and the government accountable to the general public.

The COVID-19 pandemic has already delayed the economic growth of the country, this may affect the country even harshly.


Nikita’s murder in Broad Daylight, under CCTV camera

On 26th October 2020, Nikita Tomar was shot dead in broad daylight by Tauseef Ahmed. She was a 21-year-old B. Com final year student at Aggarwal College in Ballabgarh, Faridabad. She was shot right outside her college in Ballabgarh, Harayana. Tauseef and his aide Rehan who belong to Gurgaon used to study in the same college as Tomar. The entire incident was recorded on the CCTV camera outside the college.


Student protests were held at Sohna-Ballabgarh road. Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has labelled that the murder is related to the ‘Love Jihad’ propaganda. They have requested the central government to bring a law against it.


The incident is a clear case of passion killing, where a person involved in a romantic affair feels that the same feeling is not being reciprocated by the other. It is a crime of rage. These types of cases have become increasingly common in India where the murderer has no fear of the law.


Nikita was forced to convert to Islam and marry the accused. But she rejected his advances multiple times. He took the inspiration from the character “Munna Bhaiya” of the popular series ‘Mirzapur’ and killed her when his one-sided love for her was not reciprocated. Tauseef took Nikita’s life because she was to be married to someone else.


Tauseef has confessed to the crime saying it was done out of revenge. He was unable to study medicine because Nikita’s family had filed a case against him in 2018 when he kidnapped and harassed her for marriage. The case was later withdrawn after it was settled in the Panchayat.


The accused obtained the gun illegally from his uncle who was in jail for the past decade for kidnapping a police officer. The car that was used was a Hyundai i20, whose owner has not been identified yet.


A case has been registered under Section 302 (murder), Section 34 (criminal act done by several persons) of the Indian Penal Code and Section 25 (carrying prohibited arms) of the Arms Act.

Special Investigation Team (SIT), led by ACP Anil Kumar is formed for a quick response towards the grave issue.





Medical Reimbursement claim cannot be rejected because prior referral order not obtained

In a case where the head clerk engaged in district judiciary took the required treatment for nasal cancer through which he was suffering. His application for seeking medical reimbursement for the expenditure which he incurred of Rs. 3,72,301 was rejected on the ground that he did not obtain prior referral order from Medical Board.

The ultimate resolution he thought of was approaching the court and challenging the rejection order that he had applied for referral order before taking treatment outside the state. The government though opposed his statements by stating that no order for referral was allowed outside state to take treatment, and it did not seem that there was any urgency for him to travel outside the state for getting treated without appearing before Medical Board. Though it was stated that the petitioner approached the authorities for permission to travel outside the state as he was struggling through aggressive infection on his nose which was not cured inspite of getting treated by ENT specialists.

The condition of the petitioner was deteriorating and he was not in position to wait for the referral order. Though he went to several local doctors for getting treated by it had no effect and thus when the Vellore Hospital detected the petitioner was suffering from cancer, he immediately got himself admitted for further treatments. Thus, after hearing arguments of both sides the court arrived at conclusion and directed the government to process the medical reimbursement bill and release the same to an extent as per the government policy the same are payable with eight weeks.


Special POSCO courts acquits rape accused

The crime against women and children are increasing day by day. The categories of crime against women are also evolving and it becomes difficult to prove it in court with solid evidence. At times when a crime like rape is committed the procedure gone through by the women are so painstaking and unbearable that it becomes difficult for them to appear before the court, and when it is committed against small children it is worst the court finds itself in question whether the testimony given by the child could be taken into consideration.

Recently a special POSCO court in Mumbai acquitted a 24-year-old Nashik resident from the charges of kidnapping and rape and directed his forthwith release from jail, after the prosecutor stated that she never met the accused. The accused in this case was in custody for almost a year based on the allegation of prosecutor that the accused tried to develop sexual relationship with her when she was 17 years old. Although the allegations and the prosecutor statement implicate that the accused of the said offences.

However during deposition when she had attained majority she denied all the allegations in court. According to her she was made to sign on Marathi statement, which was not explained to her. The court held that she was in age of majority and understanding, her evidence did not establish foundational facts and the ingredients of offense are not established, and thus the accused was acquitted and set free.

Sessions Court grants bail to owner of Fakt Marathi

During the period of pandemic a lot of things took place which made the people know how television channels and media works. The only expectation the viewers of particular channel have is the quality entertainment they relate themselves to the characters of these serials or movies which makes it more interesting. But when these channels adopt any malpractices it not only lowers its image in eyes of people by also losses its valuable viewers.

Recently the new channels India Today was caught in TRP scam which literally was shameful for all viewers. Another TRP scam which took place is regarding the channel Fakt Marathi. The Mumbai City Civil and Session court granted bail to Shirish Pattahshetty the owner of Fakt Marathi channel one which is accused in the Television Rating Point scam registered by Mumbai Police.

The applicant counsel stated that the channel was free to air amongst all Marathi channels and the channel showed Marathi movies and Marathi serial which was popular among the viewers and there wasn’t exponential rise in TRP. The applicant stated that he never paid money to anyone for the purpose of rigging the TRP. It was contended that the Investigation Agency were clearly violating the laws of Criminal Procedural Code which was completely illegal and contrary to the settled provision of law. Though the channel was involved in TRP scam the evidences stated in favour of applicant and after long arguments between the counsel of both sides, the court came to the conclusion that bail would be granted to applicant but he wasn’t allowed to tamper with evidence and threaten the witness.



“Names Of All Persons Associated with Arogya Setu App Are on Public Domain”

Recently, a controversy was generated by the Central Information Commission, calling out the Central Government authorities for not sharing full information on the ‘Arogya Setu App’. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology then issued a clarification statement as to why penalty of RTI Act should not be imposed on them. The statement said that via the Public-Private-Partnership, all the information regarding the app; its source code, how it works, names of all the management members and update are available in the public domain. World Health Organisation recently has also appreciated the role of Arogya Setu App in helping contain the pandemic in India.

When the spread of COVID-19 started a lot of cases at times were out of capacity. Sometimes people were unable to detect whether they were infected or not as a result of which some of them died even before they could be treated. The virus had different symptoms in different human bodies. People used to panic, even when they catch normal cough or cold then they would visit to the doctor.

The spread of this virus was like wildfire spreading speedily as a result even the doctors and medical official couldn’t easily detect it. Thus, in order to avoid the situation from getting worse, government came with Arogya Setu App. The main purpose of the app was to notify the person when any infected person was near him, provided with a help line, and if a person shows any symptom the app would also advise the further steps to be taken to avoid spread.



Rahul Gandhi Permanently Exempted From Court Appearance

The congress leader Rahul Gandhi while addressing an election rally in Jabapur Madhya Pradesh. He defamed Amit Shah by calling him a “murder accused”. He further stated “ Waah Kya Shaan hai!” . As result a defamation case was filed against him.

The BJP corporator Krishnavadan Brahmabhatt filed a complaint that the slur used by Rahul Gandhi was slanderous as Mr. Shah was discharged in Sohrabuddin Shaikh fake encounter case in 2015. Though in January 2020 when Gandhi appeared before the court and pleaded not guilty, he was granted bail. The lawyer appearing on behalf of Rahul Gandhi stated that it is not possible for Mr. Gandhi to remain present at each and every court proceedings due to his busy schedule, as him being the national leader.

He also urged the court that it will cause him hardship if he is forced to appear at each and every court proceedings. Thus, he should be allowed to appear through his pleader and he should be granted permanent exemption from court appearance in case. Thus, the metropolitan court after examining the ratio of judgements in the earlier cases came to conclusion that the discretion should be exercised in favour of the accused Rahul Gandhi and thus, he was granted permanent exemption from personal appearance before court.

Though it is inappropriate to pass comments and defame someone but the congressmen has been doing these for long period of time as the political tactics adopted by them. Though the exemption is granted by court to Rahul Gandhi the court also mentioned certain rules to be followed by him.


The Court Restrains ‘Zee5’ From Streaming Film Produced By ‘Hoichoi’ Parent Company SVF


Since a large number of people are switching towards the online streaming apps which are on verge due to the production of different series, movies and dramas. The digital platform has to follow certain regulation before screening any kind of movies or dramas from the particular authority. It also helps the producers and director of the project to release their movies , series and dramas using these platform as it is most favoured by the people. While some of them are conservative and wouldn’t wish the same.

A media and entertainment company SVF ( Shree Venkatesh Film) owns a famous streaming platform ‘Hoichoi’ as a result that obtain order from West Bengal High Court against ‘Zee5’ ,restraining then form publishing, distributing, or broadcasting a 2012 film ‘Chitrangada : The Crowning Wish’ in any form.

The film won several awards and national awards. The petitioner filed a suit for perpetual and mandatory injunction and damages valued Rs.1,00,01,000/- against the respondent (Zee5) at the Commercial courts at Alipore after they got notice that the respondent’s company had made the film available in their mobile application. This therefore violated the copyrights that were vested in SVF for the film, and on the other side, Zee5 was making illegitimate profits.

The court after hearing the arguments of both the sides came to the conclusion that the application filed by the petitioner for ad-interim injunction was allowed there restraining ‘Zee5’ by any means and method to publish or distribute film ‘Chitrangada: The Crowning Wish’.

Discharge Of Patients Allegedly Held By Hospital Over Non-payment


Since the spread of COVID-19 many hospitals have adopted different tactics to increase their profits and take advantage of this situation by charging the hospital fees exorbitantly. In this pandemic infected people go to hospital for proper treatment and in hope to get themselves cured as their only hope is the doctors who have been in service day and night to serve the patient with appropriate treatment.

The whole world is witnessing the adverse effect of this virus which has been the cause of death of millions of people across the globe. In this situation people only look upon the doctors and hospitals to get necessary treatment, but if the hospitals abuse their powers by keeping a patient hostage just because of non-payment of bill.

The Kerala High Court ordered the hospital accused of not discharging the patient due to non-payment of bill to immediately discharge the patient. In this case before the court a son being admitted to the hospital was receiving treatment from hospital. As a result, due to some financial issues his family weren’t able to pay the hospital bill, dues due to which he was not discharged as the hospital demanded the full payment of the bills left due after which he would be discharged.

Laxity Of Police Authorities In Lodging FIR Of Gang Rape Victim


The Indian Society and its residents always show their utmost faith in law and that they will be granted justice. In today’s world wherein violence committed against women should be stopped and the person doing so should be punished which is the ultimate responsibility of the police officials to help the victim to lodge FIR and start the investigation. But delay in doing so by the police officials is itself shows their incompetence towards their duty as the protector of society.

The Allahabad High Court took detailed view in a incident of detention of a gang rape victim, who was allegedly detained in Police Station, as well as why it took so long to register complaint regarding the said offence after such delay.

The petitioner claimed that she was raped by four persons and she tried to lodge the FIR by was not lodged by officials. She also claimed to have submitted an application to Senior Superintendant of Police Prayagraj highlighting that but despite her best effort the FIR was not registered. Once against she filed an application informing that despite her effort the  FIR was not lodged. Ultimately she approached the court.

The evidence recorded showed the negligence of authorities towards their duties in filing FIR which was done after three months of incident. The court demanded explanation for laxity of the police officials in doing their respective duties. The court also stated considering the facts and matters should be taken seriously. The court directed the SSP and SHO to appear before the court wherein the court will pass further orders regarding the case.